Creating a big collage with both video and stills!

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I hope somebody can help me with this. I want to make sort of like a big collage of stills and video. the idea is for the camera to go from one place on the collage to another to find a new videostream. And in between the videostreams i want to have stills. I saw this in the intro for the snowboard movie "True Life", and it looks super cool. I just wanted to know if anybody knew how to do it. I hope this makes sens.
I use both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, so solutions for any of the programs would be great.

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if the collage is basically all stills , you could create a large file with the major stills in place , then move between stills and then overlay a video in place of still and zoom out to full screen.

have a look here where something similar is demonstrated using premiere pro.

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Yes. In both FCP and PPro (presumably) you can copy and apply the same motion path to the background/stills, and to any picture-in-picture movies you want to play to overlay any still. (Using nested sequences to simplify the layering).

You can also set up a project with a much larger pixel size (say 1440x1152)to keep the resolution of your zoomed-in images nice and un-pixelated - although you can't use the DV Codec for this, until you produce your final movie in a DV project.

Its a bit time consuming to render it all out, but I've seen someone do just this with FCP on a 'family album' home movie.

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Thanks a lot you guys. I followed the tutorial, and it's actually real easy. It's gonna look so cool. By the way, Premiere Pro takes images up to 4000 x 4000 pixels. Thanks again.