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Barry Hunter
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I`m in the process of updating my web site, I`d like to run a small video clip on the wedding page but have absolutely no idea how to get files small enough with reasonable quality.

I can export in various sizes & formats from Edition but it`s then I need assistance.

All ideas gratefully received.

Barry Hunter

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Barry, a search on streaming video will provide all the answers.

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barry typically 350kbps in wmv pal is a min for ok quality/download speeds. Offer both high bandwidth 512 or 700K and 350. You can experiment with these direct from the timeline in edition.


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I'm moving this to where it belongs - the Streaming Video forum.

Bob C

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Hi Barry

The easiest way is to use FORscene from Forbidden Technologies, it allows you to upload , edit and publish to web.
I'm working with the IOV on a project for wedding videographers who need content on the web. ( Am I allowed to mention this Bob?)

Regards Fbt

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Hi Barry

I export the timeline as a movie and then encode it using Microsoft Video Encoder to download.

You basically import your the settings you require.....normally 320x256, 100mbps,

Then click start.

There's lots more you can do too.

Check it out.

I find it the best to use in terms of browsers being able to view it. Everyone has Media Player on there windows PC's. Mac users may suffer though.

I have noticed that transitions don't really encode well though. This occurs in Flash, Realmedia encoder and Windows encoder packages.

So beware.



PS: Don't you wish it would snow?

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Barry Hunter
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Thanks Til!

NO I DON`T! :mad:

You forget that half of my income is generated as a Mobile Mechanic. That`s working outside & not in a cosseted acedemic enviroment.

Mind you, I do like going up on the moor when it does snow :cool:

Barry Hunter

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Barry - always wondered if your income was just from wedding videos - now I know! I doubt youll get much snow down where you are, woke up today with nearly 3 inches on my car ....

Barry Hunter
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It`s not just wedding videos although 2/3rds of the video income is wedding orientated! At the moment we are working on 2 different promos & I`m doing a presentation in Exeter this morning for another.

Still no snow!!! Yeah1 Great. Sorry Til ;)

Barry Hunter

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No one has mentioned how effective Macromedia Flash MX streams video. If you don't mind me placing a link have a look at , you'll find their complete portfolio has been done in Flash MX. Also, notice the smoothness of the video. First of all, the videos are are exported in a suitable format for integration in Flash (.AVI, MPG, QUICKTIME). I generally use AVI because I am working on a PC. Important is that the files are uncompressed before importing into Flash (reasonable size is 320x240), this is because compression options are available upon importing the video into Flash MX.
The only setback is you will need a copy of Macromedia Flash MX2004 and someone that knows how to operate it. Hope this helps.

Thanks in advance

Tony Ford
Visual Communications Designer

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Transitions in Windows Media encoded film.
tilski wrote:
Hi Barry

I have noticed that transitions don't really encode well though. This occurs in Flash, Realmedia encoder and Windows encoder packages.

I have over 50(!) transitions in a short WM encoded film on the web and they
seem pretty good. Evert transition you have ever seen!
Take a look at "Transitions" here

Z Cheema
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I use Windows media at 256kb and 1/4 size screen with stereo sound (so important sound), the files are fairly small and fit on the web and Pocket PC or phone if required.
A 4 minute video is about 7Mb, the 13 minute demo is about 25Mb.
the thing to watch is the usage/data as this may result in an additional charge for your web site

Se my web site for some demo's at that speed

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Streaming video over internet.

Hi all

I work on the very subject as video encoding manager for an international company.

we use 320x240x220kps in ASF (Advanced Streaming Format), using MS encoder to take wither a direct input from an encoder card or AVI from else where and encode this to the 320x240x220kps. Works well over Broadband (512kps version minimum).

Quality is good enough to read a powerpoint presentation on. although it is not HDTV/DVD quality, but then it is only a 220kps stream !!

Hope this helps.