CV Magazine finished? Gutted...back issues?

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Hi there,

Having been unable to buy CV in my usual WH Smith (or any other newsagent for a few months) I thought I would stop by and see if I could finally subscribe - after having bought every issue since Issue 1.

I was gutted to find out that it has ceased publication - IMHO Bob & the Crew published the best magazine on the market bar none - and I normally spend up to £15 a week on magazines of all types - although I am now downscaling rapidly as I loathe those magazines sealed in polythene bags as I am unable to read the index page to see if there is anything that interests me. In most cases the 'free' CD/DVD or writing on the bag obscures the cover page which cannot list the contents anyway so I refuse to buy them now...I wonder if others feel the same?

Back in the early days of CV I exchanged emails with Bob Crabtree and found him most helpful and courteous - being able to 'converse' directly with the Editor of my favourite magazine was instrumental in 'tieing me in' and made me proud that I was doing my bit by buying the magazine every month for years...or bi-monthly for the first few issues...

I have duplicate copies of most issues from Issue 20->80 if anyone might be interested - I myself would dearly like to obtain Issue 83 onwards as that was the last issue I was able to buy from WH Smith - did the magazine cease with that issue or was there a problem getting it into WH Smith around that time?

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Thanks for the kind words!

I reckon that my copying this thread over into the Classified forum might increase the chances of your getting hold of the missing issues (83, 84, 85, 86 and 87) - so that's what I'm doing.

Bob C