Damn you Fast guys!!!

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First of all, Hi everyone!

I work as a PC systems integrator and a friend of mine has asked me if I could help him getting DV.NOW AV up and running. He also needed a portable storage solution for transfering his masterpieces to our local broadcasting network studio. Because DV VCR is quite an expencive piecec of hardware I offered him an external firewire hard drive, asuming IEEE 1394 compatibility is not an issue when not only one but two 1394 ports are available on DV.NOW AV.

Well I ordered the drive and G450 for him and when I got all the goods I tried to bring things to life. And what did I meet then? Little Fast 1394 driver, far away from OHCI compliance.

Dear moderator!
(I hope I am not wrong, assuming you are the one that represents Fast on this forum)

Why couldn't you simply put the fact that this hardware is not 1394 hard drive compatible in your specfication sheet?
Who is gonna pay for this drive now? It is 100% useless because our local broadcasting network is also using Fast DV.NOW AV. Why do we, integrators, always have to be responsible when doing science and wasting money, experimenting on new technologies and trying fo find out what works and what does not. After all we are doing it because of you, manufacturers, because we are the final link beetween your products and your final customers. And what do we get from you? Digital Studio Slak as a distributor here in Slovenia as an example. They simply aren't able to give me any assistance because their lack of technical knowledge is enormous. Please, be more rational when choosing your partner next time here in Slovenia. As far as technical knowledge is concerned, someone like me would be much more apropriate.

I am expecting at least an apologie which I could use as an excuse for my boss when explaining, why do we have a 400$ firewire hard drive in stock. If you think I deserve it, please send it to my email address, which is:


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You can't return the drive? That is what I'd be bitching about most.

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JGV, The fault here is yours..in that you did not do your homework/research...I mean...what sort of computer expert are you anyway??? The DV Now is a brilliant bit of kit and as you NOW know, has its own non-OHCI driver.