Dark Side of the Moon

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40 years! Fantastic.
Aardman are showing their video, written by Tom Stoppard at 22:00 tomorrow night.
Duncan Craig
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Re: Dark Side of the Moon
Sounds interesting.
It was recorded when I was a month old.
And I think I must own almost 10 copies of it.
Cheers Dugi, I'll look out for it.
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Re: Dark Side of the Moon
I remember when hi-fi hit the mass market courtesy of the Japanese repackaging radiogram electronics into separate boxes. Very self respecting enthusiast bought DSotM as much for a stereo test disc as for a musical experience. I only have one copy, the SACD re-release. It sounds pretty good on a true 5.1 system which is a tribute to the original 16 track analogue creation by Alan Parsons.