Darkness Everywhere !!!

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Hi All
This is my very first post and I cannot find a help place for my question so here it is and please tell me if it's in the wrong place.

I videod with a new camera Panasonic 3ccd & did not have much time to test it before I captured a wedding.Because I did not set the backlight function my subjects came out dark and the background very bright.Please can someone tell me how to correct the video so I can lighten the video without quality loss etc.
I am using Adobe Prem and Pinnacle 9.
I would appreciate help and am so glad I found a video forum at last.


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gamma correction in premiere's video effects might help a little but I'm afraid theres not much you can do beyond that. Next time try and get a position with no windows directly behind the couple or else set the iris to manual and set it yourself.


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I have seen situations where you can create a mask in After effects, drop out the back ground, and then go back and reshoot the background and put it back in, Lots of work, but I have seen it done professionally where it was essential to have a view out the window, and the subject inside still be well lit. It really depends on how much movement there is etc. Probably not practical but people do do it.You then lighten up the dark footage a bit, and by replacing the over exposed background it will help a bit.
I guess considering there is no real otheralternative, might be worth a shot.