dazzle dv hollywood bridge

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fast fred
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I would like to know if it is possible to get this model to work with anything other then the bundled movie star software. I have vegas 5.0 and premiere 6.5. I have tried vegas with no success as I had too many dropped frames even at dv quality.

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you shouldn't need any drivers for the unit.

what specification is your pc ?
what are you feeding into the unit ?

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Hi sorry to jump in, but i have a DV bridge too, and I am beggining to think it is a bit cr**p as i have this problem too! the play back when editing through this unit is garbled, my Editng system is a p4 at 3.6 GHz, an abit max 3 main board, one gig of corsair ram, an ATI 9800 PRO graphic card with sata raid 350 gig and 240 gig
etc, etc, i dont really need to use it as my cameras do what it is supposed to do better, but it did cost me 100 quid a few years back, so any ideas on how to get it to work would be much appreciated. Once again sorry to jump in but you rarely here about the holly wood bridge these days!!