Dazzle Mojave without PCI card?

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A friend just gave me an extra Dazzle Mojave unit he had and I want to hook it to my PC. Does it connect to a special card? I have a firewire card, but the Dazzle unit has an extra connection that I don't have on my PC. Can I use it without the extra connection? Thanks!

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I do not have the Majave but my impression is that there are two cable out the back, a firewire and a thing cablewith a D connector. The thick carries the lLED and analog audio and video signals from the box to a Mojave card (based on the DV.now AV board), and I suspect tthat the fiorewire is just a pass-through to a firewire jack on the box.

Thus I suspect, but cannot say with certainty, that without the Mojave board to go with it the box is probably of little use.

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