Dazzle Video Creator 11, or DV Bridge

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Hi all - just joined this forum and in desperate need of your wisdom!

I've got both a Hi8, and digital camcorder. I want to get both into the PC for editing, effects, adding soundtracks etc...

I've been checking out the Dazzle Video Creator 2, and the Hollywood DV Bridge.

I spoke with their sales dept yesterday, and they just confused me, as well as not returning any e-mails.

Apart from the fact that the Hollywood Bridge can accept DV aswell as analogue, can some one explain to me (in simple terms please) what is the difference between these two products?

Will the quality quality of the video captured be exactly the same?

Thanks very much, and here's hoping someone can de-mystify this a little.


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These forums are dedicated to DV.now products and AV Master, so I do not think you would find any users here who are familiar with the Dazzle-branded range of products. If you want other users' opinions of the Dazzle range, try the dedicated Dazzle forum at dazzle.bcastvideo.com.

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