DC10... Drivers for NT

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Joined: Apr 19 1999

Hi everone.
I would like to ask for all owners of DC10/DXR to join in a quest for having
Miro to supply us with drivers for Windows NT
3.51-4.0. All I'm asking for is that you all post a message to Miro asking them to implement support for NT.
I've tried to ask them and all they say is that it is not enough demand for them to write the driver, it seems that they don't
want us to do capturing in NT and they told me that the DC10 was only a consumercard...
in my opinion all that people buy is consumer-products no matter what we want to use them for, no luck there...

There must be at least 100 people that have a DC10 and want to be able to install NT to get more reliability than Windows 95 is offering.

I know you all say that I'm supposed to check
what requirements different hardware needs to be working but sometimes money is more the rule than specifications and the DC10 and acouple of fast UDMA disks really can create faboulus result.

So please all Owners of DC10 just send them a mail and demand drivers for NT.

Best luck out there