DDR II PC 3200 Memory Question

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I would like to upgrade my old mobo ( Gigabyte GA M55plus S3G) to faster dual memory and replace the existing 1 GB DDRII PC3200 memory. Crucial has discontinued DDRII PC3200 so I have to choose a whole new memory pair 2 x 1GB 4200.

The old memory is now surplus to requirement and I would like to use it in a different system (not for video editing- just general purpose machine). I have just bought an ASRock 775Dual VSTA mobo which only appears to support DDRII 667/533 NOT 400. Can I still try to use the DDRII PC 3200 memory without impunity ??? Would this be a bit like overclocking it ? Any suggestions ? Shall I try to return the mobo and go for something different ?