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David L Lewis
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I know that its good practice to defrag hard drives on computers every now and then but I wondered whether it was necessary on hard drives in Camcorders or on Hard disc Television recorders like Sky plus?

Ive not seem any instructions with my Sky Plus box but the principle must still be good shouldnt it?

Any Thoughts?

David L Lewis

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I doubt that it really matters as the performance of the drive even when badly fragmented, will be greater than the data writing or playback speeds required for simple video rates. For example, AVCHD at the highest rate (15Mb/s) is less than 2MB/s which is less than 10th of the speed of the drives that are built into camcorders.
Similarly, a modern 3.5 inch HDD will write at about 40MB/s which is about 16 times the maximum HD rate and 50 times the usual SD rate that a PVR is going to record. So two or even three streams should not be much of a challenge when suitably buffered.