Desktop Color Correction - Extreme Examples from KERBEROS

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Been a while since I posted... still working on the EX1 feature KERBEROS. Never said I was fast!

Here's a bit of specific information for working on your own projects, with a pretty extreme example of image manipulation that in my mind saves the scene (from KERBEROS - a digital feature shot on the EX1)

I constantly see examples of wonderfully lit and shot footage on these forums, and hats off to all who are 'doing'.

As people start moving into bigger and better camera (i.e. more expensive) like the EX3 and the iterations of the Red camera, just a quick reminder to keep pushing the 'post' processing and color grading for nearly all footage so as to maximize the story telling ability of whatever formats and cameras we shoot on. Rarely can the success or lack of success on a movie (short, feature, or music video) these days be attributed to the shortcomings of a camera.

Story, story, story... then acting, acting, and then the 'art' of the frame... (at least equal to if not more important than the image is sound) - but back to the footage...

I am posting a few shots from KERBEROS - before and after - presented at 50% size and compressed with a med quality jpeg setting. These are 'normal' shots - no effects or action. Shot on EX1 with stock lens in a variety of lighting situations - all certainly helped with some subtle and some not so subtle post - time consuming but worth it to my eye. I've tried to add a few basic notes and will get more detailed in subsequent pages.

Many (and maybe most) the time I am trying to make up for my mistakes or rushed shots - not everyone will have as many - but if I deleted all the mistakes, I wouldn't have a movie at all!

For those interested, here is a link to the graphics created for the title sequence - predominately footage from the film manipulated and composited using various transfer modes to control.

I feel the use of these processes is so vital to our filmmaking that it goes beyond post production and can inform our decisions on many steps in the planning, filming, and delivery.

If it helps, then feel free to repost, link, quote... knowledge belongs to those who can grasp it...

Basic Image Correction and Manipulation

A dozen more before and after examples...

Titles from Kely McClung's KERBEROS

I hope it helps! The entire KERBEROS site including the blogs are meant to help in any way they can...

back to making movies!

Kely McClung

Director's Bites


for those who want to see a bit more in motion, there are high rez clips on the website and of course even more on YouTube

hope it all helps!

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ty for that. nice work


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just watched your BLOOD TIES trailer - you shot that whole thing with a crew of two??????

INSANE :D and very well done, squire.

read your bio on imdb. I did some stuff with the Lerners back in RSA many years back. See you started in American Ninja IV - lol. I started up in A.N. II :D

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Available light and miniDV cam... think I had maybe 3 man crew on a couple scenes... and about 90% sound done in post... easy to understand why it took me 4 years!

Yeah, the Lerners are big time now... and I saw them in LA in Nov... of course to them I am the stunt guy from Ninja... so one of these days I hope they see my work (and of course dreaming I'll be too big for them - lol)

People think A.N. and small movie - but as you know they were pretty big operations with the exchange rates and all... fantastic learning experience for me.

I entered BT into the End of the Pier fest - if it get in - it will at least be seen on that side of the pond before hitting the video stores...

respects (from one ninja alum to another!)