Digital Image Transfer

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What is the preferred way to transfer images from Flash Card to CD-RW?


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There's no "correct or best" way. It depends on your own personal workflow. A card reader makes it easier on the camera from the power point of view, USB is OK for the odd occassion but drains the cameras battery.

My own workflow is:

Use card reader to copy ALL images to the computer, burn ALL images to a CDROM and put that disk away with date and title. Edit the images on the computer, delete any not wanted, convert from RAW to TIFF with any RAW processing needed. Open any images in Photoshop that need "extra" tweaks, converting to JPEG or any that need printing quickly. Create a new folder for all finished images then burn that folder to another CDROM. Upload via FTP any images for sale via my stock agency or to PhotoBox for HQ prints, delete anything left on the computer and off to the next job....:)

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