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Hi there folks this is my first post to this list, I have alot of questions I'm going to be asking all around these forums, mostly from a business perspective anyway here goes number 1. Are any of you doing onsite sports digital photography and printing? This is one area I'm considering moving into because I think it could be very profitable and I think is fits perfectly with video production. Here's what got me thinking about it.
My crew and I were doing a mobile production of the canadian national baseball tournament, and I noticed a guy with his Canon D30 camera and big lense shooting everything in sight, next he set up his little display booth where his wife worked on, displayed on computer screen and printed photos on demand, people were gathering in crowds and from what I understand he sold several hundred photos at $25 each that weekend.
After that weekend I decided I would start studying what investment it would take in equipment etc. Canon D30 or Nikon D1 big lense and from what I've been reading Epson 1280 printer,as well as various odds and ends total cost probably 15,000 US.
What brings me to believe this is a perfect
fit for a video production company is that we all love to do video and have aquired a lot of creative visual skills so I don't think it would be a huge jump to still photography, one of the problems with having a video production company is that it is always a long, long time between the start of a project and getting it all paid for, With this it is instant money and there are tons of events that would welcome this (at a reasonable price, probably a percentage of your take)

Anyway I'm rambling, If anyone is doing this, is interested in this and has some advice or just wants to continue this thread
please respond.

John Farrar
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What you are talking about is called Event Imaging so perhaps a search on the web would bring up something. I know of one or two companies selling a complete system here in the UK. Kodak are involved with this so perhaps you could try them.

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Hi there.

Event photography is very big in the US and Canada, and while I don't personally know anyone doing it here in the UK, certainly Fuji and Kodak offer complete "Event Solutions" - camera, printer, software etc... so presumably they see a market for it.

Lots of event guys contribute to Jurgen Sprecht's "D1scussion" list (D1/X/H) - you can read & "lurk" without subscribing at

The guys who don't use Epsons generally use the bigger Kodak Dye-Sub printers (8660 or 8650 I think...) or a brace of the little Olympus Dye-subs.

From a business point of view, if you're there to shoot video, I'm not too sure when you'll have the tiime to shoot great stills, but that's your call - certainly as a cash-flow generator, you could do a lot worse.

Hope this helps.

Peter Millard

Peter Millard