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In terms of distribution, I was interested in hearing a fe of your opinions.

I have a product which is now ready to be distributed, with a running time of 140 minutes. It is a documentary.

I aim to sell 20,000 copies of the doc worldwide and I am confident it can reach this feat.

I was wondering whether with this target in my head I would be better off going into self distribution, or going with a company.


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How are you planning to market it? What is your timescale to reach your target?

If you advertise in a magazine, for instance, you may have a flood of people wanting to buy it within the first few days of the magazine coming out and then things tail off a bit. Would you be able to handle hundreds of orders at one time?

What about packaging and postage? Are you buying stamps to post this or using something like Smartstamp? Are you doing this on your own or do you have staff / family members to help you process orders, pack the product, address it, stamp it and post it?

There are a hundred and one things to consider here, really but I would have thought that sending out 20 000 products on your own was probably a bit of a tall order.

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Stuart is right. and you don't give enough info to allow considers answers.

Is it barcoded?
Do you only intend to sell one offs?
Do you need / want EPOS info on sales so you can target marketing?
How do you handle volume and single sales?
How do you handle returns and customer queries and complaints?
Is your market international and if so what is your pricing policy, delivery arrangements and returns policy?
How do you handle language issues internationally, not on the product but you handling dialogue across language boundries?

I could go on but we really need more info to help answer your specific question.


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Last time you asked for advice (HERE) on this you were looking at a distributor/licensing route - are you now looking to handle it all yourself?

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I would suggest

both of which publish DVD on demand - lulu is 100% free and createspace requires a monthly subscription but gets you an Amazon zShop (this info may be a couple of years out of date which is when I began looking at routes to distribute Crooked Features - http://www.crooked-features.com/ ).


The marketing is another part of the equation of course ....