Dropped frames on XDcam playback in FCP7

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Dominic I
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Hi,Have just moved over to HD using Sony PVW500. Have one edit suite with an intensity card and one with a Decklink Extreme HD card. Both systems are suffering dropped frames??

Does anyone have a MB read and MB write speed minimum for XDcam, currently I'm using 2TB SATA drives connected by an e-SATA connection. Or is it possible that this could be a computer speed issue as well?? (although our computer seems to fit the Blackmagic spec)

Any ideas

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Re: Dropped frames on XDcam playback in FCP7
Should be no problem, I use a BM Intensity Pro, Intel 2.66 Quad with FCP and e-SATA's and XDCAM without any problems. If you have an Intensity, you should have the BM Disk Speed Test, it comes as part of the software package - try running that. Have you got the latest BM drivers? Do you still get dropped frames working with XDCAM in ProRes?

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