DSR11 owners - look here

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Gavin Gration
Joined: Jul 29 1999

DSR11s are good but with no front panel display or jog shuttle they can be a little annoying.

The good news is that Sony made a device called the RM-E300 edit controller.

It has a title function and can control 2 decks but we just use it for remote controlling a DSR11 feeder deck and monitoring the timecode.

You can leave the Lanc connected and still use 1394 control.

I bought one last year via Ebay & have been dead chuffed with it.

Here's one listed now with a buy it now of £25.00


Note - the auction is nothing to do with me - just spotted it and realised it was worth mentioning on here.

These come up fairly often, as do the Panasonic VW-EC300 with Panny 5 pin control - another very useful bit of kit.