DV artefacts

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I've recently moved from Betacam to DV and bought a MiniDV semi-pro camera. Added Premiere Pro 2 and moved into the 21st century from linear-based editing.

I recently did a shoot (by way of introduction to the DV format) and was very pleased with the results when viewing the camera footage from tape directly to a decent monitor. But once I'd transferred the shot footage to Premiere I began to notice what I consider to be unacceptable horizontal artefacts in the picture affecting, in particular, the diagonals. Now, I have heard about and seen these artefacts before, even over broadcast, and assumed it was the result of over-compression but I had always assumed that DV was lossless from the captured footage on tape, through the editing process and back to DV. But this doesn't seem to be the case. In fact editing the same footage through analogue Betacam provides better results.

Is there a better non-linear editing environment that doesn't impose the compression that emphasises these artefacts (jaggies seems to be the word) or am I stuck with the result of what can only be described as an inferior and over-hyped format?

Nigel Longman
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Have you checked the output on an external monitor?

If you are seeing the jaggies on the preview monitor screen on the computer, it may be because of the quality of the preview. I'm not sure if Pro2 has adjustment for preview quality, but it may be worth checking.

On a simple capture/replay there should be no change in quality - try looking at your captured footage on an external monitor to check this.

I regard the computer preview monitor as an indication that the right things are happening, but always judge quality on an external monitor.