DV AVI File recovery

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You will probably tell me I made a big mistake but I've learned from it and won't do it again I promise! My problem is that I recorded live video direct to disk on my laptop using MediaStudio Pro Capture and the Canopus ADVC100. All would have been fine except that about an hour into recording somebody switched an audio amp off and the resulting spike up the mains caused the PC to freeze and need a reboot. So now I have a 12GB file containing irreplacable video content that can't be opened.

Does anybody know of any software that will process it and correct the problem? It can't be much more than the header or footer info being missing can it? You can see I don't know much about file formats.

I've tried a couple of programs without success, including a demo of Badcopy Pro and another claiming to be specifically for video files that I can't remember the name of right now.


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Hi Peter,

I have a neat little utility here, can't remember where I got it from but it does fix AVI's


Instructons on how to use it:
(These are included in the ZIP file as well)

AVI Repair Tool

Have you experience with crashing computer at the end of capture session?
It means loosing the AVI file.
The problem is, that AVI header is written at the end of capturing session, when AVI capturing is stopped.

I have developed a small utility for reparation of bad AVI files and it will be part of K3CCDTools in future.
I have my own experience - after 1 hour of capturing M1 my computer froze (because of no free HDD space), so I had great motivation for creating such utility ;).

The principle of the utility is copying of good AVI header from another (good) AVI file. The source file must have the same resolution and must have at least the same number of frames (no problem to use larger AVI files).
If you don't have source AVI file, you can create it by capturing any object now.

Reparation procedure - Step by step
1, Backup your corrupted file
2, Run AVIRepair
3, Select source AVI file (good one)
4, Open Corrupted file
The corrupted file's AVI header will be replaced by good one.
5, Open file in VirtualDub with advanced options ("Popup extended open options" checkbox must be checked)
6, Let VirtualDub repair damaged index
7, Select Video Direct Stream Copy option (menu Video - Direct Stream Copy)
8, Select No Audio or Audio Direct Stream Copy option (menu Audio - No Audio/Direct Stream Copy)
9, Save file

The repaired file should be OK now. Good luck ;)


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Thanks GG,
This looks promising, but I haven't managed to recover the file yet.
So far, I've downloaded the AVIrepair utility and VirtualDub, and then hunted for and found a codec that will work with it to read & write DV AVI's, and got it to the stage where when trying to open the file it says "This AVI file doesn't have a movie data block (movi)!"
Using the hex editor in VirtualDub and comparing it with a good file I can see that the 'movi' header is still missing, even though AVIrepair reported it had fixed the file. Maybe I need to make another working copy of the file and start again, it could have been altered by the actions of some of the other software I've tried. Any other ideas, hints or tips would be gratefully received though. Also the instructions for getting VirtualDub to rebuild the index are not clear - there isn't an option in the menu with this wording, not in the latest version that I've just downloaded anyway. Which option should I select? If you could walk me through the process, it would be a big help.

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.DV recovery

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to recover .dv files from a corrupted hardrive. I wanted to know if there is anyone that knows of any good software that can recover .dv files. Any advice how I should do that or go about it. I normally use ontrack but it requires a .dv signature. Does anyone know how I can acquire that .dv signature. I appreciate all of your help.