Dv Tape Storage

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Geoff Haynes
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Not sure whether anyone else has suggested this, but Lidl this week have (again) got their DIY storage boxes for £4.99 which are perfect for MiniDV tapes. Each box will hold 18x4= 72 tapes, and there's space for labels, pens etc in the front. Great value - I'm on my 4th!


Geoff Haynes ,Fingerpost Digital Media

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I've starting using tupperware to keep all the original tapes from each job together. Cheap and cheerful if you go to tescos or sainsburys. Keeps them nice, fresh and tasty too :)

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Thanks very much for the information. I now have one of these and I agree it's pretty good.

Alan Roberts
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I picked one up yesterday, nice tip, thanks chaps.

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