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Although I'm quite happy making my shorts on DV and being able to edit them myself in Premiere. I'm also quite curious about what lies beyond the DV.

For instance, how does DVCPRO HD compare to film (celuloid) resolution-wise. Is it as good as 16mm (at least) or is it still way off?

Is it compatible with Firewire? What kind of hardware would be required to capture/edit in full quality? (Speed of HD, space etc.)

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Take a look at <[url]">http://www.panasonic-broadcast.com/uk/index1.html>[/url]

I don't know much about DVCProHD, but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't use firewire, it'd use SDI.
DVCPro can have a Firewire board put in, maybe DVCPro50 as well, but it doesn't come as standard.-
I suppose that if an upgraded version of Firewire comes out, it might get used eventually, but at the moment, it's a different league.
Gawd knows how much hard drive space HDTV takes, it'll be a lot - I assume Ultra-Wide SCSI Raids at less than 10 secs /Gig?
It's supposed to be as good as 35mm film.

With any luck, someone who uses it will answer.

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HD, as used in the ATSC version, goes up to 1920 pxels by 1080 lines, at up to 60 fields/sec interlaced. More commonly it runs at 59.94fields/sec to make it compatible with NTSC. The video is sampled at 74.25MHz, in 4:2:2 patterns. Sony HDCam cameras conform to this, HDW700 is ther old single standard version, HDW900 will run interlaced or prgoressive, down to 24 and 23.98f/s. It carries 4 48kHz 16 bit sound channels and all the usual signalling. The uncompressed data rate in serial form is 1.438Gb/s. The tape stores it 7:1 compressed after downsampling to 3:1:1, at about 144Mb/s. This is less than twice the data rate of Digibeta (88Mb/s). By comparison, DV is 5:1 compressed and stored on tape at 25Mb/s (althopugh the actual data rate on tape is 42Mb/s for various reasons).

DVProHD is the next version down from that. It's images are 1280x720 at 60 or 59.94Hz, progressive. The uncompressed data rate is similar to (it may even be the same as, I'm not sure yet) full HD.

Neither of these formats is exactly suited to amateur usage, HDCam costs about £70k plus lens, DVProHD should be less, but Panasonic are steadfastly refusing to release it in Europe. They are also very reluctant to show off the HD version of the D5.

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Alan Roberts at work
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One more thing, the pictures are better than 35mm film if you only mean grain and sharpness. Colorimetry is different (film goes further into NIR), and ultimate resolution is lower (i.e. 35mm film records at much higher resolution but at much lower modulation levels). I really don't want to have to explain MTFs here. But the pictures are stunning. Trust me, I've done a lot in HD.