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Good day.

I recently purchased the DVD.Master Personal video in Germany.

I have a few problems as follows:

1) Im using Fast.Movie software ,I cannot set the option to record in PAL mode the only posibility shown is NTSC in Video configuration,I tried a lot of things,uninstall,install,change regional settings,etc.Im afraid its because in my country we use Pal-N ,if this is the reason pls let me know how can I solve this problem.
The differences between PAL-B and PAL-N are not much,can this be changed in the Win Registry?or can you provide me a patch for the PAL drivers?

2)In the Recording options in Duration options i cannot type a value bigger than 58min 02sec,in 4.1 Gb although i have free 18.9Gb.

3) I cannot change the Audio Format and Audio Procesing options Audio Channel , they appear grey.

4) I cannot use Adobe Premiere 5.1C or Ulead media Studio 6 with this device,is there any patch that i can download?

I hope you can help me with this items SPECIALY with the FIRST one as by now I can only use DVD.Master with my Camcorder which is NTSC.

Many thanks in advance.


Javier Michy

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I just want to let you all know that these web-boards are only for DV.now products and AV Master. I have noticed a few queries about other products, especiallly DVD.Master. Unfortunately I do not think you will be able to get much help here. We do not sell DVD.Master here in the UK so we are unable to support it. Most of the people on this web-board are in the UK and USA so they would not be familiar with the product either.
You can still post your questions here though - there might be a chance that someone is able to answer them. But I suggest you seek technical support via the authorised channel - see http://www.dazzle-europe.com/m_us_set_support.html for more details.

FAST UK Technical Support