dv.now av verses dv500

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howard black
Joined: Aug 24 1999

Is the dv.now av a good buy over the dv500
I have a dc 30 plus and want to upgrade to a analouge and dv board any advice please
regards howard

Mike D
Joined: Dec 21 2000

I went from a DC30+ to the DV Now.AV and am amazed at the quality of the product! The DV Now.AV is *much* better at everything. It's more stable, has much more support in that you actually get responces from the friendly folks at Dazzle/Fast. It works flawlessly with Premiere, and the output is excellent. I won't go back to Pinnacle for the following reasons:
They stopped helping users with DC30 cards.
They stopped updating unusable drivers for the DC30 in Win2K.
I don't know about the DV500, but if Pinnacle supports it in the same manner as the DC30 line, then the DV500 users will find themselves without support soon.