DVRigPro - Tips and Tricks

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Holy Harry
Joined: Aug 7 2007

I bought a DvRigPro a while back for my Panasonic HVX, and set it up with a Varizoom Zoom/Focus/Iris remote, and it's amazing to use.

Thing is... I'm using it the way I presume it should be used, but I haven't been able to find any examples online showing the best or intended way to use it, like for example the multirig has on it's website, or the CB-105 on it's site. All I can find are a few photo's here and there, and that's about it.

For example - I'd like to be able to get some really smooth steadicam like shots. I can do it in a limited way, but I'd love to know if anyone has got it down to an art, and how they do it.