Eclipse Computers, Coventry - anyone having problems with them?

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Paul Rossi
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Last Wednesday I ordered from Eclipse Computers, Coventry, a new hard drive and replacement optical drive for one of my computers. As the items were in stock I paid for next day delivery so I could do the upgrade over the weekend, but nothing arrived on Thursday and an email asking for an order update was not replied to by Eclipse.

Friday was New Year’s Day of course and I didn’t expect anything to happen on Saturday as I hadn’t paid for a Saturday delivery, but I did expect something to arrive on Monday - but it didn’t.

I tried to telephone customer services but after holding on for ages they cut me off and when I redialled I was just hanging on again forever with no reply.

I thought I’d email them (as they recommend) but my email was returned by postmaster@ieclipse.local saying that “delivery to the following recipient failed”.

So I emailed every single email address on their website and in total I have now sent them 14 emails with every single one of them being returned with the same message as the first one.

Checking my credit card statement on line shows that Eclipse have taken my money on the 30th December, (which I believe they should only do when the goods are actually about to be despatched), so I spoke with my credit card company late on Monday and they have given me a number to call in the morning to escalate the matter.

Doing a quick “google” suggests that I am not alone with problems with Eclipse, so I wondered if anyone else on this forum has had recent experiences they would like to share?


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Gavin Gration
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Hi Paul,

Cut from the company website:-
Orders will be dispatched on the following days listed below (subject to stock availability). Please note that deliveries will be from the date we dispatch the order which may not be the same day you place the order.
Goods Dispatched 22nd December 2009
23rd December 2009
24th December 2009
29th December 2009
30th December 2009
From 4th January 2010 as per usual on every weekday.

That doesn't explain why the phones and email have thrown a wobbly - maybe lots of people overloaded them with similar issues?

Have you used them before and if so do they normally keep you informed of progress?

Paul Rossi
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Hi Gavin,

I'm pretty sure I have used them a long time ago as they are on my list of suppliers and I get regular advertising emails from them.

My credit card company says I must give them 30 days to deliver before they can do anything but I am definitely covered should anything not arrive.

It's just so annoying when the goods are in stock and you pay for next day delivery but according to what you have posted next day is the day after they can be bothered to send it out.

Call me a grumpy old git but in my book if I'm given the option of next day delivery on goods which are in stock (and I order early enough in the day, which I did), I expect those goods to arrive the following day.

In complete contrast here's an example of good service - yesterday at 15:20 I ordered from a second graphics card for another computer but because I don't need it urgently I chose the standard delivery. At 16:56 yesterday I received an email saying it had been despatched - and they gave me the tracking number to follow it's progress. I have used many times in the past and thoroughly recommend them but I can't see me saying that about Eclipse after my experience so far.

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Paul Rossi
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Ok an update on Eclipse.

I tried again to phone them and after 20 minutes I got through. They claim they are having some maintenance work on the emails so maybe that's true.

However as for my order they tell me that althought the site says "usually in stock" it isn't a live update and as you may have guessed the items I ordered are out of stock - and they have no ETAs for the new stocks. When I said I wanted to cancel the order he did offer to find alternatives but in the end couldn't offer me anything that matched my needs at the prices I originally ordered at.

So basically I could have been waiting forever for these bits without any advice whatsoever from them - but they still say on the website this morning that the items I ordered last week are "usually in stock".

I have cancelled my order and as soon as I get the confirmation email I'll order elsewhere - Eclipse may have been the cheapest but as we all know, cheapest doesn't mean the best. They could be giving them away with free P&P, but if they ain't got them is stock . . .

Just be careful ordering from Eclipse if you need something urgently.

Rant over.


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Re: Eclipse Computers, Coventry - anyone having problems ...
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Re: Eclipse Computers, Coventry - anyone having problems ...

The customer service at Eclipse Computers leaves a lot to be desired, in fact to would test the resolve of the Dalai Lama himself. I purchased a personal computer for over £1000 which developed a hardware fault when it was less then twelve months old, the support I got was as much use as a chocolate fireguard. They say they'll call, but you have about as must chance of receiving a call from the dead as you do from Eclipse. Personally I would not recommend Eclipse Computers.