Edinburgh videographers - please quote me!

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Hi all,

I'll be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe again in August, with two all-new shows.

Normally, I'll leave video coverage until the following Spring, when I can have that nice Ray Liffen fella record them at the Brighton Fringe, but I've been given at least one rather posh stage this time round, and it would be nice to capitalise on it.

My late-night show runs from the 16th to the 29th of August at 11.30pm (one hour show)

I'm also doing a family magic show in the afternoons from the 19th to the 29th, at 2.30pm (one hour show)

In addition, I also plan to be out and around the Royal Mile, promoting the shows by making a general nuisence of myself. There's also the good likelihood that I'll be doing regular short open air spots in the Pear Tree's beer garden stage.

Are there any Edinburgh-based videographers available and willing to cover any of these events?

I can bring my own 3CCD camcorders, tripods and the like if need be - all I'd need are people to operate them...

All I need is the shoot - I think I'll be able to work out how to edit the footage together. ;)

All my shows are free, and my budget is minimal, but I'd be happy to receive any quotes from video makers out there.

Thanks in advance,


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Give me a call on 07753-771258

Cheers Iain J

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