The Editor (Who should be credited)

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Upon completion of my short film, I plan to take it to a local Manchester editor.

I'm just curios as to whom should be credited as "The Editor" SHould it be both myself and him - as although he will be handling all the physical aspects of things, I will be there side by side making all artistic decisions.

Thanks for your help!

Christian Lett
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Even though you're going to be there, your "artistic decisions" will still come under the banner of "Director." I would therefore credit him as the "Editor."

It might be worth letting him produce his own rough cut first following some guidelines from yourself (including the storyboards I urged you to create, and your script notes). After all you're fresh from the shoot with all your shots, none of which you'll want to lose from the edit. If you let him apply some of his own creative decisions you may end up with a different, and superior cut (I can't comment on his experience, but as you've called him a local editor, I assume he's experienced in this role).

Once the rough cut is done, you can then both fine tune it. This way, he'll have earned his credit as the Editor!


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