effective lighting for greenscreen

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Yes i know the topic of greenscreen is being discussed but this is a side topic. We have just bid on a project to do with using alpha channel flash video as an overlay on a website.

I tested the technique here (on a very small test scale you will see) http://www.fnkydesign.com/transparancy_test/transparant_trial.html

Assuming we are sucessful we will need to use a large greenscreen setup similar to that that is being discussed presently in a parallel thread.

I know I will need lights for this but i am unsure of how big / the type (floucesent/tungsten)
Whether a set like this...
would be enough?

We will be lighting 1 person walking a max of 2.5m.

Im on a budget of about £150 for lighting, would i be able to buy something useable for that or will it be a case of renting it?