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we can now embed video into posts :)
Click the film icon in the editor and post in the embed code from youtube or vimeo (or any other sites supporting iframe embed) and the video will appear in your post :)

You can contact me at http://tombassford.org
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colin rowe
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Re: Embedded Video in Posts
Nice one, very handy.

Colin Rowe

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Re: Embedded Video in Posts
update on this, any links to youtube or vimeo pages should automagically embed the video into your post, simply copy and paste the url of the video from the browsers address bar into your message text and the video will appear embedded in your post. 
Dave Jervis
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Re: Embedded Video in Posts
Thanks Tom, a very useful feature...
( In view of recent threads on this forum, your choice of test card music at 2.36 is inspired...  :)  )