Encore CS6 problem

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Premiere Pro CS6 edit transferred to Encore. Obviously a setting is incorrect. Can others advise me please?

A menu from the Encore library has six chapter, all moving. "Check product" does not show any problems.

Using "Preview" (in Encore) the Menu template displays for 12 seconds. Screen then is black.

The Encore "Build" dialog screen was used for the burn. After 40 minutes a notice states there is an error.

Using a DVD player the Menu template displays for 5 seconds, then a black screen for 30 seconds.

This is continuously repeated.


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Re: Encore CS6 problem

Not familiar with Adobe any more but it sounds as if you have created buttons but not linked the actual track? 

In in dvdstudio pro ( Mac) you would " create button and track" or "button" then run the simulator to check before burn 

if if you just create a moving button, you'd get similar