"Enemy of the State"

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A friend of mine has asked me to put a short presentation
of some edited footage to look like the intro to the film
Enemy of the State. I've had a look at the footage which is actually on Youtube, and I'm trying to figure out where to start. It might be
too tall an order at the end of the day, but if anyone has any ideas to
set me on the way it would be greatly appreciated.
I use Mac Final Cut pro 4 if it helps although I think I would need some effects software to get the same look.

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Replicating this may take some time but from what I can see, download the free set of plugins here:


You could use the night vision and infra red sim filters, the vapor across transition, then get some free sound effects from:


Techniques you'll need to employ include, slo-mo and speed up (or time remap), image and wireframe to keyframe scale and motion - add some zoom blur when you keyframe the size changes,.

For the bit where the guy runs across the road in between cars, use the free chromatic glow filter from River Rock Studios:


Also, you need some whip pans to use as very short clips/transitions - you can shoot these yourself in a couple of minutes by holding the camera at waist high and spinning round quickly. This needs to be done in a fairly bright and contrasty location. Try filming fast moving traffic at night on a busy road fairly close up (i.e zoom in - don't stand in the road!)
and experiment with framing/angles.

If you can't be bothered, digital heaven have a plug-in ($20) and also a retro tv plug-in although you could probably have a bash at this yourself perhaps using some of the effects in LiveType - try some of these from the Media Browser in LT: 'Objects'>'Digital'>'Line Loss'/'Bandwidth'/'Horizontal noise'/E.M.P and combine some together, changing the opacity, importing into FCP and adding some noise/particle noise from 'Effects'>'Video Generators'>'Noise' or 'Particle Noise'

If you haven't shot in widescreen you can use the widescreen filter and I'd advise watching in slo motion to enable you to identify the different effects - obviously the frantic editing and hand held nature of the shots adds to the edgy and paranoid feel.

Google for gunsight tutorial in fcp - there's 1 somewhere by capt mench.


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whooa !! Didn't expect so much help !! Thanks DVnam.
I haven't been given the footage to work on yet, but I'll certainly
employ the techniques youhave suggested. Cheers.