Epson 895 incompatible with CF cards by "I/O Data"

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Ford Prefect
Joined: Jun 17 2001

I have just had the above confirmed to me by the Epson Customer service centre.(They were most helpful and I sent a card to them for testing.)
I purchased two 64MB CF cards from 7day shop (they have offered to replace them)but the problem is not theirs.
It seems that the Epson 895 firmware just doesn't recognise these cards. There may be a firmware revision in the future but there is no solution at the moment, except to use another make of CF card.
It's a bit of a disappointment if you purchased an 895, as I did, specifically to make use of the PCMCIA slot.

Matt Beard
Joined: Jan 26 2001

You could try where I recently bought a couple of 128Mb compact flash cards for £36.99 each (+VAT) and although I haven't tried them in an Epson 895, they work fine in mooblie's Epson 875 - although that's how I managed to leave mine at the party!