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ACW Burge (audio and video engineer) is a small business offering repairs to professional audio, video and photographic equipment for schools, colleges and videographers.The business, which is based in Crediton Devon, was set-up in 2007. The owner has many hands on years of experience in the Audio Visual Repair business. Faults are diagnosed down to component level.
Served 5yr technician apprenticeship at the English Electric/Marconi Company and obtaining HNC in telecom engineering, worked on test equipment development for radar and other specialist disciplines.

Appointed technician at Exeter University designing and repairing electronic equipment for research, subsequently, became a TV and video engineer with a large rental firm and became a master technician.

From 1992 to 2007, was appointed repair technician at Exeter College responsible for all equipment repairs, from overhead projector to Sony betacam broadcast standard TV studio. Started own business in 2007


One off's or special cables can be made for jobs when the required item is not available anywhere else.Computers are not repaired. Some sheet metalwork or mechanical work undertaken.
The facility is aimed at professional audio and video equipment used by establishments who find it difficult to get equipment repaired, and is often left in a cupboard restricting school/college, or business activities losing time or revenue. Replacement is an expensive option and often unecessary. Video tapes can be copied to different formats. E.g. betacam to DV

Equipment repairs dealt with are backed up by fully qualified engineer /owner with a state of the art fully equipped workshop. A library of workshop manuals for most equipment enables diagnosis and repair of faults to component level. General spares are kept, but spares for cameras etc are ordered as needed.

Range of equipment includes camcorders, multimedia projectors, mixer desks, radio mics, Coombers. Videssence studio lighting, Manfrotto and Vinten tripods also repaired. In fact almost anything is tackled, spares and technical infirmation being available. Vintage equipment repaired as well e.g. Revox B77 or Pr99 reel to reel.
ACW Burge has a growing group of customers located throughout southern England, including Dartington College of Art, Plymouth University, local schools & colleges, Exeter Phoenix media, small production companies and videographers.

There are no business hours as such so contact can be made at any reasonable hour. Not VAT registered
Email:- Tel 01363772220 MOB 07518052610

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Hello Arthur

I might have a few of those studio lights for you to do soon. Just waiting to hear what the budgets going to be for this year.

Hope you're well

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Just an endorsement for Arthur. I used his service about 18 months ago. The process was straightforward, fast, and cost effective. I will happily use him again when faulty equiptment is not covered under warranty.

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Arthur fitted a new head assembly and serviced my Sony FX-1 at a very reasonable cost when Sony wanted £450 with no guarantee that this would cover the cost of the repair. Arthur did it quickly with no fuss and provided a professional service. I'd recommend him.