Error masage: Hardware not found or not working Correctly

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I use the AV with the fast forward DV rev. 1.5 (0207_A). After installing the SP1 service pack I can not initialize the card and I get an error masage.

I will appretiate if someone will be able to to help me.

Many thanks in advance,
e. zeidman

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Here is what you could try:

Go into the Windows Device Manager. Check that is listed twice, as 'FAST1394' and '' One will be in '1394 Bus Controllers' and the other will be in 'Sound, Video & Game Controllers.' If it has an exclamation mark next to it, double-click on it, select Driver, Update Driver and then go through the wizard to let Windows redetect the driver. If Windows still cannot find the driver, point it at the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\FAST1394.SYS.

If the drivers are properly installed and FAST.forward still does not detect the card, check if there is an IRQ conflict. Go into Device Manager/Computer. Look at the column of IRQ numbers on the left. Check that the is not sharing an IRQ number with any device except an 'IRQ holder for PCI Steering.'
If it is sharing an IRQ with any other device (eg. sound card / modem / USB controller) you will need to assign it an IRQ of its own by doing one of the following:
a) Move the card to a different slot. The card will be redetected and Windows will reassign the IRQ's to the devices. After doing this, go back to the Windows Device Manager and check whether the has its own IRQ.
b) Go into the BIOS and assign an specific IRQ to the slot that the card is in. Not every BIOS allows you to do this. The motherboard manufacturer will be able to tell you if it is possible and how to do it. MUST have its one IRQ.

FAST UK Technical Support

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Thanks a lot FAST UK Technical Support.

The second part of your e-mail solved the problem. I stil have problems but I will post them in another topic.