"Essential" accessories for an XM1?

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I am about to buy an XM1... what are the essential accessories I should be considering?

The camera will receive a variety of use, including an outing to my sisters wedding next month.

Which size of batteries provide the best balance when hand holding the camera? How long will a charge last in real life? (So I can work out how many I will need to buy)

Filters? (or at least a lens protector?)

If I want to add XLR balanced inputs? Beachtek? Glensound? Canon? Make adaptor myself (with bits from Maplin)? Other?

What else......???

I already own the following equipment:
- MKE300D mic
- ATR25 Stereo Mic
- Velbon D700 Tripod
- Panasonic NV DS15 camcorder



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Owning an XM1 myself, I would say good choice on the model.

However, there are VERY strong rumours that July will see the announcement of the successor to the XM1, so unless you need the camera before then I would probably hold off. just looked back at your post, if you do need it next month, maybe you could hire one for a couple of weekends, one to get used to the camera, or at least get familiar with it, and then the second for the wedding?

As far as batteries go, http://www.sabahoceanic.com/vcanon.html , are the best place to get batteries from. The high capacity cannon batteries will cost you about £60 for 2, delivered within about a week. I've bought a pair from them are they appear to be the same batteries that hahnel stick a badge on and charge £90 for one for.

The large cappacity batteries I find usually allow me to record a couple of tapes. But obviously depending on whether you are using the LCD monitor and so forth will have an impact. Tempreture is also a big factor. When we went to Iceland, the running time dropped noticeably.

A UV filter is essential, it's much cheaper to replace than the entire lens assembly if you scratch it.

A wide angle lense also comes in handy. I've got the canon WD-58 and I'm pretty happy with.

With regards to XLR adapters, I have a beachtek DXA6-P which has the advantage of providing phantom power as well. Though one of the rumours surrounding the replacement XM1 is that it will have a XLR pod available as well, but as there is so little information available on the new model, take that with a grain of salt.

Anyway, good luck with your purchases and I hope this helps a little.


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I use the WD-58 wide angle lens on my xm-1 and leave it on for most of the time.

I also have a hahnel lithium battery 3100mAh HL-930. It lasts about 2 hours recording time.

If I knew about a xm-1 mark 2 I'd hang fire- but it really is a good cam

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I did a one camera wedding at the weekend and used the 4350 mah batteries from Jem in Wigan. I shot around 5 hours footage but the camera was powered up for around 9 hours.

I used two batteries and both still showed 50% power at the end of the day.

One other accessory to consider is a microphone for your sisters wedding. The on board mic isn't nearly good enough to pick up vows etc.



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I just noticed you have a MKE 300 mic. I have never used this so cannot comment, but please strike my remark about the mic.

Incidentally, if you are thinking of XLR inputs then you are obviously considering a new mic.

I use the K6 / ME66 and it is superb. If the ME66 isn't ideal there are many other capsules for the K6 that will probably do what you want.


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Thanks for the advice....

I now have the camera.... although I haven't had a moment to open the box yet... (I am going to, in a minute!).

If anyone else has any ideas then I would be still glad to hear them.

I knew about the Mark2 model, but figure that it will be more expensive to start with (potentially out of my price range right now)... and also might not hit the market for quite a few months anyway.

I decided I could wait for ever and there would always be somethig better tomorrow. In this case, I will hopefully ultimately buy a second decent camera, maybe that one will be the XM1's newer brother.

Thanks again,