Fast-Dazzle DVD.master

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Joined: Apr 17 2001

I have problems with installing the DVD.master capture card from Fast-Dazzle.

After installing the hardware and software from the CDrom, the computer ask 'restart your computer'. After restart, the computer found new multimedia hardware and ask for the WIN98 cd. Placing the WIN98 cd, no 'ini' files where found for initialisation of the hardware. Aslo when looking on the appropriate CD and Microsoft site. The needed .ini file is not named, is displays only .ini.

My computer configuration is:
Compaq Presario 5832
Processor type: AMD K7 750MHz slotA
Memory: 448Mb
Video board: 3dfx voodoo2000
harddisc: maxtor 20Gb 7200rpm
operating system: WIN98SE

I have tried to install the DVD.master in a clean configuration without any other PCI board with only WIN98SE and the Software from DVD.master installed.

If somebody has experience with this problem, please responde.