FCP X - audio level changes from browser to timeline?

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am i missing something?

Colleague showing me his FCPX

I noted that his audio clips in "event browser"? were showing higher on audio meters when played in browser, than in timeline.

We recorded a tone at -16db on a Tascam deck and plays at -16 via browser but at -21 on timeline...

Should he be worried/ change a setting somewhere? or as long as it sounds ok (adjusted if necessary),  it is ok....?

Joined: Sep 1 2003
Re: FCP X - audio level changes from browser to timeline?

I've just realised that we recorded a MONO track at -16db and the timeline is splitting it across R and L  hence drop off of db...

Tascam also put out an additional track as a  STEREO mix - when this played on timeline, L meter indicates the recorded  -16db, R at zero.

Probably a workflow issue here, can we record at what we feel is an appropriate level (safely in between Tascam's gudelines on Recording screen - lower guide  at -16db upper guideline at 0db)

Edit (in MONO ) on timeline with peak of approx -18db and doubling up audio track at end of project to achieve a safe -12db level?

Sound is a whole new ball game - both from a photographic background -  making in-house training vids which are fit for purpose
but having invested in a Canon 5DIII    hoping to raise our game considerably.

Lighting, framing  - we're comfortable - but we're faffing about with audio....