film on the big screen

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tom hardwick
Joined: Apr 8 1999

Had my Auschwitz movie shown on the big screen last night at the Thameside Theatre, Grays. Bin their DVD player I say, which stuttered 4 times (!) And the sound system - great though it was, seemed to be in AGC mode. The quiet bits when the visitors trudge silently through the snow in the concentration camp were as loud as the camp guide talking to the assembled group - it seemed to be pumping horribly.

And the projectionist cut off the l & r sides to my 16:9 frame, effectively showing it 14:9 or so. The sides were there - just projected over the black curtains. Then he showed a film made from Auschwitz stills in 16:9 which was intended to be shown 4:3 - so making the stick-thin prisoners short and fat. Of all the crazy mistakes to make, this tops them.

Has no-one any any jobsworth TLC?