film look on xl1

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Ana Quista
Joined: Jun 24 2002

I have been reading all the recent posts about the film look but have not been able to answer my current problem. btw Alan Roberts great white paper (even if most went over my head), really glad to have you in these forums.

My problem is that I have already shot my footage so what is going to be the best solution for me?

I have shot all my footage with a Canon Xl1 on 16:9 and frame mode. We used a couple of daylight balanced halogens and stopped down considerably. The shutter was on 1/50.

I edit on both premiere and FCP.

Do I deinterlace the footage?

How do I maintain the aspect ratio? Do I resize (therefore compensating(?) for the resolution loss from having used the frame mode? or do I edit in 16:9 mode and worry about this at the end?

I have many other questions but these will do for now and your experience will be greatly appreciated.