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Can anyone tell me how to get video to look more like film using the premiere features, filters. i've also heard that gamma has something to do with it. Please tell me where I can change the settings for this feature.Anything to help. Thanks


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Not sure what you mean by "film look". Do you mean how to make the video look like old black & white scratchy film, or look like the film you would see at the cinema.

If it is the second one, then this is what I do--

In Premiere, right click on the clip, go to field options, the select "flicker removal".

then, apply the clip filter to add wide screen bars at the top and bottom of the clip. I usually use a setting of 20%.

You can also fiddle with the gamma filter to really finish the effect.

Please tell me how you got on!

Hope this helps,

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Update to Premiere 5.1a if you haven't already done so.

Look under the QT filters that come free with P5.1a - one is a film look filter. Not as wonderful as specialised plug-ins like CienLook, but at least it's cheap!