fire wire hard drives

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howard black
Joined: Aug 24 1999

can a fire wire hard drive be pluged into
the dv now av card

Joined: Mar 7 1999

Oh, it can be plugged in, alright, but the real question is whether it works.

I'll try to find out and get back here with an answer.

Bob C

Joined: Dec 4 2000

No, it will not work. Because AV uses FAST-Dazzle's own driver, rather than the generic Microsoft driver, Windows will not be able to detect a hard drive 'through' AV.
And besides, you would not be able to capture video to it because the card would not be able to input from DV and output to the Firewire drive simultaneously. The only way you would be able to capture to a Firewire hard drive is if your motherboard had an on-board Firewire port.

FAST UK Technical Support

Joined: Mar 31 1999

If the AV has a similar DV input to the standard card, then it is possible to use your firewire drive by installing the standard TI 1394 driver (on the Windows CD) instead of Fast's official driver.

In this way I was able to use my with Premiere 6 even though Prem 6 did not work with Fast's drivers written for Prem 5.

OK, this means using your expensive AV as a bog-standard firewire interface card but, yes, it should work.

Ray Liffen