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Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Hi all,

Have recently returned from visiting my big sis' in Ilfracombe.
Have taken a few shots with my camera, and thought i would share them,
The last one of the two sculptured wall climbers was in Ilfracombe, the rest from the "Eden Project".

Regards all.

Joined: Jan 8 2001


What camera did you use? Are the images full frame or cropped. All detail gratefully received.



Regards Keith

Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Dear Keith,

Images are...
All hand-held, with no digital manipulation, (apart from the camera capture itself).
"Just set up camera and point and shoot".

They are 600x400Gif conversions (for web transfer) from 2560x1920 jpeg's

Olympus E-20p All with standard lens, bar the "close up roof panel" which has the 14b attachment, and the group of animals sculptures, which has the wcon wide angle lens.

Kind regards.

Alan Roberts at work
Joined: May 6 1999

Nice pix, I hope you took some at higher resolution as well though. I'm hoping to get there later this summer and will be shooting 2kx1.5k with my Olympus C3030.

Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Thanks Alan,

They are all 2.5x1.9, but changed them just to send them to the web-site "Upload" much easier that way.

Kind regards