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I have been playing with an off camera flash system ( a cheap and cheerful one) and i got some pretty cool results, see below :P

But I want a system that can deal with sequence shots. What flash gun would u advise to use with a canon 350d and the remote flash system to go with it. Im not amazingly flush with cash so budget is an issue.

Hope you like the shots i have done so far.

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When you say sequence, what do you mean? Firing the flash several times in the same shot, or taking a sequence of shots in rapid succession?

Either way you'd probably have to forget about studio lighting, even the portable stuff, recycle times on those are 1 to 2 seconds.

I'd go for a 550EX or 580EX as main flashgun, adding other EX series flash units as slaves as funds allowed.

You can still postion the 550/580 off camera but you'd probably need wireless controller on camera to fire it.

Browse these results for some ideas

Like your shots by the way. :)