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john smith
Joined: Jun 4 1999

I need to overlay fog or mist over some of my scenes. I am using MSP 5.2. Has anyone any ideas on how to do it?

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StevenBagley at Uni
Joined: Oct 31 2000

Just an idle thought but how about this...

Go into your kitchen and erect some form of black background... then in front of this boil kettles, pans of water, anything to produce steam (you'll need lots of it though) then point your camcorder at the black screen so you can only see black with the steam in front of it. Light the steam as necessary. You could use a fan to blow it about...

Then capture the footage into your pc, and plonk it onto an overlay track and key it over so the black disappears but the rest of the steam stays.

You may also want to rotate it/loop it/etc to get the best effect...

Get it right, and it look every bit as good a plugin could generate, for no cost and tonnes more fun...

See you earlier,