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Hi guys,

I am in need of some fonts for my music documentary (for the titles).

Can anybody recomend some good font packs?

And am I right in thinking I will need a lisence for the fonts?

Will anyone REALLY know if I use the font without one?

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Hi - a google will bring up many free/shareware font sites such as this one The really stylish fonts, Disney etc, will need to be paid for though.

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Surely you have a number of fonts supplied free that were included in your operating system. I tend to use Arial with a small outline and a drop shadow in grey allowing ot to be seen against a whitish background.

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Rob James
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Try here:

You need to sign up but it's a legit site.

When you've joined just type "free" in the search box and you will find a treasure trove of freebie fonts (plus a few for purchase with "free" in their names) happy hunting.

From memory there is quite a good knock off of the Disney font for example.

PS you can search without joining and only join if there's something you want to download.

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Check out masses of free stuff as well as commercial fonts.


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My advice would be:
1) Don't overdo it with the fonts. In fact, pick one-or-two fonts you like and stick to them - overloading the viewer with tons of different fonts will make things look crowded and messy.
2) Pick a font face that feels relevant to the piece. An elegant calligraphy style isn't going to suit a rock documentary, for example, however...
3) Make sure the font(s) are legible. Might sound obvious, but there are a lot of gimmicky fonts out there that are almost impossible to read
4) If you're going to try and sell your doc to TV, read their submission guidelines beforehand to make sure that any end credits are made correctly (not strictly font advice!)

If you buy a font, the license is granted for you to use that font wherever you like, provided it's not embedded (e.g. an unusual/non-standard font embedded into a PDF so it will always display & print correctly even if that font isn't pre-installed on a reader's computer). as this is video, you shouldn't have anything to worry about there, but it's worth reading the license agreement just to be sure. I wouldn't use a "borrowed" font (if you catch my drift) in a commercial project - you never know who might watch...


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