Forums very quiet - password problem?

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The Forums were taken offline recently. When they returned I found that I had to reset my password. This may have happened to others, hence the very small number of recent postings. Resetting takes time and one has to contend with the wretched 'strength measurer' which, it seems, can only be satisfied with completely unmemorable jumbles of characters.

Are mods aware of this problem? Does the forum software put up a flag when it has made passwords invalid? If it doesn't, this is yet another reason to look for an alternative.


Dave Jervis
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Re: Forums very quiet - password problem?
I didn't have to reset mine Ray.
The required "recipes" for passwords are a pet hate of mine though.... case sensitive... or not, can/can't/should/must use punctuation, no less than 8 characters, at least three numbers must be included,   etc..   etc..  ..I do see the point, but you end up having to invent stuff "on the hoof" when you create the account, and that means you probably have to write it down! that's nice and secure isn't it!  Grrrr.
Sorry... rant over.
Mark M
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Re: Forums very quiet - password problem?
Use a password manager. Here's a good intro to why you should, and a review of some.

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