Freelance Camera Operator Required.

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Joined: Mar 3 2004 are currently looking for a part-time freelance camera operator. They will be rewarded handsomely for various ongoing 1 day shoots throughout Scotland.

The following factors are essential: Experience, Creativity, Reliability, Consideration, Equipment, Transport & Lots of Enthusiasm.

See profile for my e-mail address. Only serious enquiries, with sample footage need apply.

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what are you pay rates and do you provide camera and what make is the camera/

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Hi Raja,

You'll find my e-mail address under my profile.

Get in touch and I'll let you know. Although it's not a secret how much I charge for weddings, I'm not broadcasting all my private business for everyone to hear.

I'm sure you'll understand.

James Lundy.

Same As It Ever Was! :(

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Just a new bump up to advertise some work I'll have coming up for which I'll need some bodies.


Same As It Ever Was! :(

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Hi James

Would like to know more about what is on offer. PM or e-mail me with details if you want.


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freelance camera operator available for work

Greetings ,

I see it's quite an old post but if you're still looking for camera operators then I'm definitely interested. I've just uploaded a show reel to you tube, it's a bit long actually so i'm gonna work on a tighter edit but it will give you a decent overview of my camera competency.

Grant :)

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Re: Freelance Camera Operator Required. seems to be dead, so maybe enough people didn't respond!
Reading this shows that geography is very important. Why somebody would not understand why being in Scotland was important, if you live in  Cornwall is a bit odd?
I did find their website in 2009 was still working then. You can see it here.
Sadly, a bit of checking reveals the company was dissolved in 2009, and James and his wife are not directors of any other companies at the moment.