Full resolution vhs tape from ATI all in wonder card

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I need to edit a PAL VHS video tape.
I have the ATI all in wonder 128 32mb video card. I need to upload the video from my VCR, edit with fades or wipes and then run it back out to a vhs tape.
Will my card do the job ?
Will I lose quality ?
I do not have a lot of money to spend, could you recommend some software as I do not have any with my card.
Do you know of any 30 day trial or freebie software that I could download ?
If the ATI card will not work well, could you recommend a budget card that will do the job.
Failing that, is there a machine that I could use with 2 VCR's.

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Isnt the ATI card a MPEG card? If so, the quality is never going to be on a par with Mjpeg, which is what you really need for your purpose. and ...they dont come too cheap....£300 ish.