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Peter Tomkies
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Apologies if I am telling you all something you already know but if you are interested in special effects have a look at fxhome.com

EffectsLab and CompositeLab are two programs from the poeple who made AlamDV 1 and 2 and are amazing pieces of software for the price. I have just bought the Pro verisons of both programs and am setting about using and learning them. There is a really vibrant community and set of forums at the site and I have been really inspired by them.

The programs are written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and while I am sure that some of the broadcast purists at this site will look down their noses at the programs for the rest of us mere mortals they give us the tools to make something special. Have at lookat some of the movies available on the site.

Can I add that I am not connected to the company or the products in any way other than as a very satisfied and excited customer. My eleven year old son is just getting into movie making and expects me to be able to provide Hollywood style special effects - and I think I just about can now!

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That software looks like brilliant fun, but I think by the look of it you will be keyframing until your blue in the face.....but what a way to spend your time. The Star Wars sword figthing look great.
Be sure and show us some of your work when you get it done, you said your son is eleven, why not give him and a few mates some plastic guns and stage a shooting scene, or a Star Wars sword fight like that on the clip, I'm sure they would be well up for a laugh.

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